SAP Interface Management

Deliver digital assets to customers, partners, and employees and automate workflows using APIs with interface management

Create and deliver content and business services to your customers, partners, and employees with interface management solutions. Automate workflows using APIs so all parties can engage, collaborate, and innovate. With SAP software you can:

  • Provide relevant content directly to consumers
  • Empower employees and partners with access to critical information across multiple channels and devices, so they can gain better insights into consumer needs
  • Expand your reach to a broader consumer base and greatly enhance the overall customer experience

Included Capabilities

  • API Management
    Participate in the digital economy with a scalable API management system

    Accelerate the digitization of your business with flexible API management. SAP solutions can help you:

    • Connect critical touch points between fast-moving consumer-facing experiences and well-managed corporate data and processes
    • Give corporate and external mobile developers easier access to resources
    • Maximize security, governance, and performance control
    • Offer API-based digital products quickly, and manage them like independent assets with minimal IT effort
  • Interface Implementation
    Provide standard interface implementations consistently for applications

    Integrate SAP applications with end-to-end business processes through standard interface implementation. Our solutions can help you:

    • Manage software interfaces consistently to achieve implementation success
    • Develop and deploy new, compliant interfaces quickly
    • Empower business users to monitor and troubleshoot processing issues
    • Access interfaces, such as REST and ODATA, from any modern application development environment with greater ease

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