Vintners Advantage - Winery Management

Winery Management Software

Vintners Advantage is a comprehensive winery management software package that has been specifically designed and developed for all aspects of wine making, vineyard operations and cellar tracking. Multiple winery locations are supported allowing for global inventory, grower contract and sales contract and allocations visibility.

Vintners Advantage winery management software has been installed at large and small wineries world-wide and has been a proven industry leader for over 15 years.

Software Modules include Winery Operations, Vineyard Operations, Grower Contracts, Bulk Wine Sales Contracts (for custom crush and custom winemaking), Brandy & Spirits, Barrel Bar Coding, Bottling & Manufacturing, Casegood Sales & Distribution, and Financial Management. Software modules can be run independently or together for enterprise wide capabilities.

Each software module has detailed inquiries and reports, user defined tables, and on-line documentation. All software modules within our winery management software include the compliance capabilities required to meet TTB, FDA and Excise tax regulation requirements. The software can integrate into any ODBC Compliant business analysis tool, such as Excel or Access.

Vintners Advantage winery management software is available for direct license purchase or on a monthly fee basis (Software as a Service) to assist with your vineyard operations.

System Facts and Features

Vintners Advantage allows you to implement the base Winery Management software, and then add other modules as needed.

  • The software operates using the IBM UniVerse database environment on Microsoft Win2K/XP Pro/NT Operating Systems.
  • Microsoft security and printer features are utilized by the IBM UniVerse database. The database is SQL/ODBC/OLEDB/XML compliant.
  • Vintners Advantage has application level user security. This allows each user to have a menu with only the programs that they are authorized to use.
  • The software allows the user to have multiple windows active, and supports full record locking to assure data integrity.
  • The software database license is concurrent. The client may be installed on many workstations. Only the active client sessions use a license.
  • The software has a ‘level pushing’ capability, so that a user may open and run multiple inquiries, reports and screens, without returning to the menu, as allowed by security.
  • The software has an Ad-Hoc Query language that users may be permitted to use, as allowed by security. The results may be exported to any ODBC compliant Windows software product, or written out to flat or comma delimited files for integration into other applications.
  • Reports may print to printer, screen, or files. Many reports have intelligent filters that allow the user to customize the report by answering the prompts/questions on the filter screen.
  • Listers are active at prompts that reference tables, so that the user does not have to memorize codes.
  • User defined tables are utilized so that the user may customize master file tables to their business in almost all cases.
  • A set of basic tables is delivered with the software, so that the user doesn’t have to start from scratch in defining varieties, operation codes, appellations, transaction codes, wine types, etc.
  • Modular provides help desk support on a Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time basis. During Harvest, this support is provided on a 7 x 24 basis for no additional charge.
  • The Software Source code may be placed into escrow. It is actually loaded onto your system in an encrypted state. Software customizations and enhancements are available, and usually may be made quickly, due to the powerful development tools that are available.
  • On line help is available at every prompt by hovering the mouse over the prompt. More detailed help may be accessed by double clicking inside the prompt.
  • Modular Information Systems delivers major software releases and enhancements no fewer than two times per year.
  • Modular has a Network Department that can assist in designing a Network architecture that fits your budget and facilities. We can also work with local Network vendors as you prefer. Our Help Desk can handle desktop and system related problems.

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